Washi tape is an eye-catching and vibrant way to add a personal touch to any crafting project. It can be used for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, and more!

Washi tape can also be used to decorate notebooks or pencil cases. This project is super straightforward and takes no time at all, making the notebooks more appealing for use!

Create Gift Tags

Washi tape can be used to craft a variety of gift tags. Not only is it simple and quick to make, but the whimsical touches added will surely delight your recipients.

Make a festive Christmas tree tag using washi tape printing and personalize it with photos.

Another interesting idea is to embroider the tag with needle and thread. This is an adorable way to demonstrate your affection for someone special, giving them a personalized touch.

BeFunky’s Winter Holiday templates can easily be transformed into custom holiday gift tags with just a few easy steps. Start by resizing the template to your desired size, then apply washi tape, scrapbook letter stickers and ribbon through each tag’s hole at the end.

Wrap Gifts

Washi tape is a relatively new craft supply that has quickly gained widespread acceptance. Initially created as an easy way to apply patterns and color without using paint, washi tape has since evolved into the go-to choice for those seeking an eco-friendly option.

It’s a low-tack adhesive that sticks to virtually any surface and easily peels away without leaving behind sticky residue. Plus, it comes in an array of colors and designs so you’ll never run out of creative uses for it!

Add some zesty washi tape to your gift packaging for a splash of color and texture. Simply choose a design that complements the gift’s theme, wrap it around the package, and tie on an adorable bow!

For a more personal touch, you can incorporate pictures of loved ones or places you’ve traveled together into each gift. This will make each present extra memorable without appearing tacky or excessive. The photos can range from simple snapshots to elaborate collages featuring multiple pictures taken at various locations and times.

Add a Personal Touch

Washi tape is a Japanese stationery product that cleverly combines the properties of paper with an low-tack adhesive. It’s an economical craft material perfect for decorating and organizing any space on a budget.

Are you searching for an inexpensive, straightforward DIY project to add a personal touch to a gift? Try wrapping it with washi tape. Not only will this look stunning, but it will also securely hold the present in place without damaging its wrapping.

Another way to utilize washi tape is to decorate a bullet journal or planner. You can choose from an array of designs and colors to create your own distinctive aesthetic.

Create custom twist ties using washi tape! What an ideal way to give your loved ones a memorable present they’ll treasure for years!

Decorate a Bullet Journal or Planner

One of my favorite ways to decorate my bullet journal or planner is using custom washi tape. It’s an effortless way to add some vibrant color and make the pages more engaging.

You can use it as a divider or border for printed photos and drawings, cover up mistakes made, or just add some vibrant color to your journal. It’s also perfect for highlighting important dates in planners or bullet journals.

Another unique idea is to use washi tape to create paper clip flags. Simply wrap a clip in tape and mark it with the date or special page you want to remember.

Add extra storage in your bullet journal with washi tape by creating small pockets to store swatches, stickers and random notes. This will keep them organized and out of the way of other pages so they’re easier to locate.

Make Custom Twist Ties

Twist ties are an easy way to dress up gifts, craft projects and festive packaging. They’re great for wrapping candy or treats, tying off cello bags and even creating bows.

Custom twist ties are an excellent way to give your gifts and party favors a personalized touch. They come in various colors and can be personalized with either a message or logo printing.

Making custom twist ties is as easy as cutting off a piece of washi tape several inches longer than your desired twist tie length. Place the wire flat on your work surface and stick another piece sticky side down over it; trim any exposed edges as needed and you’re all set!

This quick and simple washi tape twist tie DIY is an adorable way to dress up treats or presents in cellophane bags. Perfect for birthdays, showers or other special occasions where you want to add a splash of color or style, these are sure to please everyone’s palate!

Wrap a Gift

Washi tape adds a personal touch to gift wrappers without taking up too much time or energy. It comes in various themes, patterns and widths so you can create unique designs for different gifts.

What You Need: Plain paper (or any patterned paper), release paper (sticker paper), washi tape (illustration designs work best), and twine.

How to Wrap: Take the gift’s box as a canvas and cover the back with several strips of washi tape. Next, wrap the gift in this design and tie twine around it for extra security.

For an easy and fast gift-wrapping idea, use wide washi tape to spell out someone’s name or initial. Or make a bunting flag using some strips of washi tape.

Make a Card for a Loved One

Crafting a card for someone special is an excellent way to express how much you care and to show that you put thought and emotion into their special day or moment.

Washi tape on cards is an easy, creative way to create personalized and cute cards for friends or family members. Use these ideas for festive parties, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion!

Create a festive card by drawing a pennant flag over the top with different colored washi tapes. It’s an effortless way to add extra vibrancy and cheeriness to any birthday, congratulations or thank you card.

Decorate a Notebook or Pencil Case

Washi tape is the ideal way to add a festive touch to a notebook or pencil case. Not only is this craft project simple and inexpensive, but the results will be amazing at any celebration!

Create a stunning display with vibrant colors and patterns using different patterns for an eye-catching appearance at your next event. Plus, these decorations make great DIY projects for kids!

Turn a plain journal into something unique and stylish for someone special by attaching strips of washi tape to its cover. Instantly, your personalized journal will be one-of-a kind!

Make your notebook stand out with vibrant washi tape decorations! Use washi tape to adorn both inside and outside pages, turning your journal into a unique work of art!

Another fantastic use for washi tape is to create a mood tracker. This quick and easy craft will help you stay in control of your emotions, even when you’re busy.

Add a Fun Touch

Washi tape, originally imported from Japan and available in hundreds of colors and patterns, has revolutionized decorating. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way to add a personal touch to gifts, wrapping papers or party decorations.

These cheery patterns and vibrant colors pay homage to traditional Japanese washi paper, which is hand-processed and handmade from local fiber. For over a decade now, this paper craft material has been used in scrapbooking projects as well as other paper crafts.

Washi tape’s low-tack adhesive makes it a great alternative to masking tape, which can be difficult to take off and stick onto paper. Furthermore, the sheer, semi-transparent tape allows for layering for creative effects.

Washi tape is an incredibly versatile tool, ideal for crafting, scrapbooking, gift wrapping and home decor projects. Plus you can even make personalized gifts and stationery! Check out these festive washi tape ideas to add a personal touch to your next party or event!


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