According to the statement released by the cops of upstate New York, A cadet of West Point fell from an infamous cliff-diving spot and encountered death. In the press release, the police released a statement saying that the young man was at the edge of a rock ledge, hanging at the leap of Fawn in the Green County town of Hunter. A part of the rock suddenly fell and the man tumbled causing the fatal incident.

Though the police attempted several tries to save the life of the man were unsuccessful and the man succumbed to his injuries. The man whose identity had been kept undisclosed for about 24 hours of time as per the policy of the Defense Department became evident that he was a Cadet Candidate at the Academy of the US Military.

The information about the cadet attempting a dive at the Fawn’s Leap during the moment he fell is still not lucid. At a stretch of Kaaterskill Creek, there is a swimming hole nestled, which is known for the crystal-clear water it beholds, accompanied by the steep cliffs. There are various pictures and videos that are posted online, which work as evidence for people taking attempts of the leap from heights above 50 feet.

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