Platinum Payment Systems certainly stands above the rest when it comes to providing a solid and trustworthy payment processing experience. But, how exactly do they do it?

To refresh your knowledge, a merchant services provider acts as the intermediary between your business, banks, and your customers. They allow you to accept payments for your goods and services easily and efficiently.

There are, of course, plenty of merchant service providers available out there, but for today, we’ll only be looking at one in particular. And that is, Platinum Payment Systems, also called PlatPay. Platinum Payment Systems prides itself on their seamless, scalable merchant processing services and their reliable customer service. 

Now, to answer the question, what makes a good payment processing service provider, let’s take a closer look at how PlatPay organizes their priorities — which fall into 3 distinct categories:

Establishing a Relationship with Clients

Platinum Payment Systems has made it a priority to establish strong and stable relationships with their clients. They believe that a merchant processing service is nothing if they don’t communicate with their clients properly. Especially in times of trouble and strife.

Here is a testimonial from one of their clients, Tom Collins (CEO of C5 Consulting), to illustrate why he believes PlatPay should be your first choice. “Anybody can process and collect money for you, but it’s when problems come, or issues come (that you start to ask yourself.) Who’s going to help you? Who’s going to bail you out? PlatPay is a pro at that.”

PlatPay has been working with Mr. Collins for years (at least a decade.) And, according to Mr. Collins himself, this was because PlatPay was able to establish a relationship with him from the very beginning. PlatPay works directly with their clients to make sure that they are provided with the best service possible — even during times of economic distress.

This practice of providing total customer support is something that a lot of other businesses in the industry either cast aside, or lack entirely. Platinum Payment Systems, however, has made it one of their main objectives — in an effort to provide the best customer service in the merchant processing industry.

Evaluating Proper & Honest Rates

Payment processing fees are different for everyone and every business. Keeping this in mind is the next thing on PlatPay’s list of priorities. 

PlatPay has made it a point to set itself apart by partnering up with experts on the field so that they can provide proper and honest rates. And, they don’t disappoint by working, once more, directly with their clients to get a clear evaluation of their client’s businesses so that they can save them money with the appropriate fees.

According to PlatPay, they strive to save, on average, 10-20% on credit card processing for their clients so that they can ‘focus on what (they) do best.’

Using Dependable Processing Technology

For their third priority, they focus on processing technology. As an industry that was created to address the rising popularity of online shopping, it only makes sense that a merchant processor is able to ‘grow’ with the times. After all, you can’t trust a merchant service provider that isn’t able to actually process your payments.

To deal with this aspect of their business, they have leaders like Jed Morley, one of the company’s founding members, to ensure that they are always using the best technologies for the job. This is to make sure, of course, that their customers will never have to worry about turning down a guaranteed sale from their own customers just because of missing terminals or gateways.

Final Thoughts: What Makes A Solid Merchant Service Provider for Processing Payments?

By making sure that they prioritize and provide both cutting edge technology and excellent customer service, Platinum Payment Systems is able to create a solid payment processing service that their clients can rely on and trust wholeheartedly. 

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