If you are at that stage in your life where you are evaluating different career options, food safety can be a lucrative choice. It may be something you haven’t even considered before, but now is the time to explore the field!

Let’s take a look at why this could be your career:

1. You get the opportunity to make a difference

Food safety training is one of those few fields where you get to make a real impact in people’s lives. By preventing potentially deadly pathogens and following other safety protocols, a food safety professional ensures the well-being of millions of people. You get the chance to leave a mark on the company and directly have influence in solving global food problems. From this perspective, a career in food safety can be super fulfilling.

2. You have great job security.

Many people do not know that a certified position in this field pays quite well – sometimes, much better than other popular professions. The current global food industry values five trillion dollars and employs millions of people worldwide. With most countries moving towards safer nutrition practices, the demand for skilled workers continues to grow in this field.

3. You get to work in a super dynamic environment.

If you have ever met a food safety professional, they will tell you that no two days look the same in their lives. You constantly get to work on different projects every day, from touring a factory floor to leading a boardroom. There is also a lot of international work involved as countries synthesize complex food laws and safety protocols. A day in any food safety professional’s life is super happening and dynamic.

4. Your career is quite flexible.

There are very few career options that offer great flexibility, and food safety is one of them. Food safety professionals are needed in every part of the food’s supply chain, so from production to retailing – there are a lot of fun branches to explore or pivot to. Food safety professionals can choose to work in mid-sized companies, small facilities, or multinational corporations. The world is their oyster!

Final Thoughts

Considering the factors mentioned above, a career in food safety can be a great choice. If you haven’t gotten professional training or are just discovering this new field, you can apply for a food safety supervisor course. Given the pandemic and commuting problem, our online food safety supervisor course is also a great option to kickstart your career in this field. Don’t forget to check the Australian Institute of Accreditation for more details and information.


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