Ahead of November 10, Microsoft is revealing even more details on its next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. If you’re looking to save on consoles, you can get the Series S at $299. Buy the Series S, and you can play all Xbox Series X games you want.

However, Microsoft said the Series S wouldn’ be as powerful as the X. 

The Xbox Series S

The Verge reports that the Xbox One X, released in 2017, might still be more powerful than the Series S. At least, the One X has the advantage in terms of playing current-gen games enhanced for the Xbox One X.

In a statement to Gamesradar, Microsoft said the Series S could shine when it runs games for the Xbox One S. For One S games, the Series S improves their graphics quality and runs faster loading times. The console also runs Auto HDR. Moreover, Microsoft said that they had designed the Series S to play next-gen games at 1440p and 60fps.  

Xbox One Games on the Series S

The Verge says that you can play Xbox One games on your Series S console at 1080p or below. Also, Series S’ faster SSD can boost your games’ performance. If you own games with unlocked frame rates, your Series S can increase their framerates. However, you can’t play them at higher resolutions. That boost is only for the Xbox Series X

Updates for Current-Gen Xbox Games

Some first-party current-gen games like Forza should get updates for the Series S. Make sure to get patched unless you want to play the same Xbox One S game.

However, sticklers for 4K games should just invest in the Xbox Series X, which costs $499.

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