YouTube is improving its AI tech’s ability to catch videos that need age restrictions. If YouTube makes you verify your age before watching a video, it’s because of the smarter AI.  

YouTube’s AI Tech

In 2017, YouTube had used AI to catch videos that show graphic content or promote violent extremism. Later, the site used AI to remove videos that promote hate speech and actions.

The Verge reports that YouTube is using the same tech to flag videos that are not age-appropriate. So, expect more videos that come with age reminders or restrictions.

As YouTube rolls out its new AI tech, you should also expect mistakes in flagging videos. Watching YouTube videos embedded on other sites will redirect you to YouTube to verify your age.

YouTube’s Partner Program

Members of YouTube’s Partner Program may have some questions for YouTube’s new AI. These members earn money from their videos. If YouTube’s AI flags and deletes their videos, it would cut their income stream.

However, YouTube doesn’t believe its AI would harm content creators. The company is confident that its AI should flag only the videos that violate its ad-friendly guidelines. In this case, age-inappropriate videos are most likely to violate these guidelines. 

When Will YouTube Roll Out This AI?

YouTube’s latest rollout might take some time to finish. However, some users might see the new feature early. Just be ready to log in to YouTube every time you want to watch a video. YouTube will add age restrictions to more videos. 

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