Tired of sitting at your desktop each time you have a virtual meeting? Worry no more. This year, Zoom will expand to several new devices, from Amazon’s Echo Show, Facebook’s Portal, and Google’s Nest Hub Max. With this move, Zoom looks to take advantage of the surge of smart displays on the market.  

Zoom Branches Out

The Verge reports that Zoom will take a big leap by expanding to other devices. The company had also started testing out its video conference device

Zoom’s efforts will also benefit Amazon, Facebook, and Google. With Zoom, these companies give their users more video call options. Google and Facebook already have Messenger and Google Meet for teleconferences. However, users would appreciate the peace of mind from having more options.

Zoom for Facebook

For Facebook’s Portal, Zoom will use Facebook’s “smart camera” technology to keep you always inside the frame. Messenger and WhatsApp also rely on this feature. You also don’t have to log into your Facebook account to use the Portal. All you need is a Facebook Workplace account, which will launch soon. 

Zoom for Google and Amazon

On the other hand, Google can trust its Calendar and Assistant features to maximize Zoom. These Google services can identify Zoom meetings from your calendar. Also, they will let users start Zoom meetings with voice commands.  

Amazon users will have the same experience with Alexa. If you sync your Echo Show devices to your calendar, you can start meetings without inputting login credentials to the Zoom app. You can use Alexa’s voice controls, as well. Users can expect to use Zoom when the Echo Show 8 comes out this year.

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